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About us

Joshua’s Dream is a UK based company with an obsession to produce the finest, most luxurious bed linens and filled products available, whilst maintaining a fair price for our customers. For many years our products have been used by the hospitality and interior design trades in the most exclusive addresses (luxurious hotels, private homes and Yachts). Now available direct through our website, we hope that the passion we have for our products can be shared and appreciated by a much larger audience.

Our core range of bed linen is manufactured in Portugal and we use long staple cotton fibres. These are available in high thread counts using single yarns woven in a percale or a satin finish.These quality long staple fibres gives the products incredible durability whilst maintaining a most luxurious handle.

Our Artisan collection is the premier range of the Joshua's Dream collection. Only the very finest Egyptian Cotton and Linen fabrics are used for the bed linen and each item is lovingly hand made using traditional techniques in a small village in Italy. Manufacturing bed linen has been the skill of the same family here for generations and it shows. Each product takes 3-4 weeks to produce and the result is quite simply the most comfortable bed linen that you will ever have the pleasure of sleeping in. High thread counts are available using percale and satin cloth. The Swiss Artisan collection accompanies this with an extremely fine collection of duvets and pillows. All made in Switzerland using extra large cluster European White Goose Down and fine Swiss Batiste, Gabardine and Fustian cotton casings.

All of our filled products are manufactured either in the UK or in Switzerland. We go to great lengths to ensure that our pure Down products are made using larger than normal down clusters, with our Swiss Artisan down collection using only the very finest and largest cluster A1 grade down available, encased in heavenly Swiss Cotton Batiste (duvets). This is a contributing factor to why the experience of sleeping under a Joshua's Dream duvet, or resting your head on a Joshua's Dream pillow feels so heavenly. Most of our synthetic products use Du Pont fibres, a manufacturer who we feel care as much about quality as we do, and who lead the way in synthetic fibre technology.

We hope that you enjoy browsing through our website and that, should you make a purchase, it will give you many years of comfort and luxury.

Whilst thread counts can sometimes translate into your product being superior, this isn't always the case depending upon the cotton used, or your own preferences. Therefore we remind you, Its the thread that counts, not the thread count.