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Artisan By Joshua's Dream Premium Exclusive Pillow

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Artisan By Joshua's Dream Premium Exclusive Pillow

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Product description

The Artisan Premium Exclusive Pillow by Joshua's Dream

This very special pillow sits right at the top of our pillow range. It is made to be the very finest pillow that money can buy and is hand made in Switzerland.

Covered in the highest quality mulberry silk jacquard fabric and filled 100% with the very largest cluster Siberian white goose down, this pillow is simply amazing. It is extremely light and provides soft comfort, yet has so much loft that it cradles and supports your head, neck and shoulders without the firmness associated with many other pillows.

We cannot recommend this pillow enough.

Available sizes

standard 50/75cm

king 50/90cm

european square 65/65cm

any other sizes can be made on request

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